Unbiased Financial Literacy Specialists

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    Unbiased Education

    Since 1986, the LFE Institute has provided unbiased financial literacy to help build the money skills and positively change the financial lives of employees, consumers, students, and members of various organizations across the country. We sell no financial products; our only goal is education.

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  • On-Demand Video Library

    Our new comprehensive On-Demand Video Library provides engaging 4- to 7-minute video segments designed to solve specific problems Americans are struggling with today: finding more money to invest, reducing debt and credit problems, minimizing healthcare costs, cutting college expenses, and building retirement readiness skills. Learn more in our brief introductory video.

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  • Money-Saving Tools

    Smart Money Certification

    LFE offers three new Smart Money Certification (SMC) programs for financial professionals, college students, and consumers. See our Certifications for more details.

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  • Money Minute weekly e-learning

    Money Minute!

    LFE's popular educational e-learning series gives readers up-to-the-minute money-saving strategies, provides hundreds of helpful resources throughout the year, and warns of the latest financial scams to avoid.

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  • Financial Education Workshops

    Life-Changing Workshops

    LFE's interactive Web-based or on-site workshops are designed to build financial skills and help consumers find more money to save and invest. Our highly trained Certified Instructors help participants become more informed consumers and knowledgeable, confident investors.

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  • Best of the Money Minute

    Best of the Money Minute!

    LFE's new Best of the Money Minute! publication showcases 25 of the most popular recent issues of our weekly Money Minute! e-learning series…all in one publication. Each timely issue in this valuable collection includes the latest consumer trends, practical money-saving strategies, costly financial traps, and handy links and resources on a specific topic.

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Financial Literacy Solutions

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79% of employees are worried about their financial future, despite millions spent on Financial Wellness. The cause: financial illiteracy.

Financial illiteracy is threatening the financial security of communities — and their citizens — across America.

LFE specializes in creating a wide range of financial literacy tools and training to help Americans build strong money skills, stretch their paychecks, avoid financial predators, eliminate debt, prevent costly mistakes, find more money to invest, and build retirement readiness skills.

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On-Demand Video Library

These unbiased, on-demand, 4- to 7-minute videos are designed to educate, answer questions, and save viewers money when making critical financial decisions.

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Money Minute!

LFE's popular educational e-learning series gives readers up-to-the-minute money-saving strategies, resources, and the latest financial scams to avoid.

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This new Financial Literacy and Certification program helps students learn how to save money, prevent defaults, reduce college costs and daily expenses, choose the best student loan repayment option, and master financial readiness skills.

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